Najiyah Maxfield taught high school and college level English and History for 12 years before turning to writing and publishing. In addition to Sophia's Journal, which is being taught in schools across North America, she is the author of "The Quandary," which won the IWA Short Fiction Award in 2012. She has also authored several short stories and poems. Najiyah is Editorial Director of Daybreak Press and Managing Editor of Discover: The Magazine for Curious Muslim Kids. She speaks nationwide on literary issues such as the new role of Islamic fiction in the lives of Muslims and the necessity of telling our own stories within the literary landscape. She enjoys kayaking, camping and playing word games with her husband. She resides with him and their six kids and two granddaughters in Canton, Michigan, where she is a third-year student in the Ribaat Academic Program.

Daybreak Press, which published Najiyah's novel, was established in 2014 and is the publishing arm of Rabata, an international organization dedicated to promoting positive cultural change and the revival of the female voice in scholarship. Daybreak Press Global Bookshop and Gathering Space in St Paul, Minnesota is designed to further this message by providing a unique variety of titles that promote the exploration and understanding of issues from across the world, from social justice, to women’s issues, to spirituality and religion, through fiction and non-fiction publications, and to provide a safe and comfortable space for people to do so.