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Her cell phone is dead, and she has no idea where she is. After a bad fall in the river, 16 year-old Sophia suddenly finds herself in nineteenth century Kansas. She struggles to adjust to new food, new entertainment and a new family. She is still a twenty-first century Muslim girl, though, so slavery is intolerable and the way Native Americans are treated is unacceptable. Sophia copes the best she can as she tries to understand how she got there, how she can help those she's met and if she will ever get back. Sophia's Journal is a fresh take on a pivotal moment in American history. Filled with adventure, romance and self-discovery, it offers a glimpse into a world half-forgotten, from a vantage point like no other. 

Najiyah spent three years as Managing Editor of Discover: The Magazine for Curious Muslim Kids. 


The magazine's aim was to encourage a love of learning in young readers, about Islam and the wider world, as well as provide them with hours of enjoyment as they read, draw, color, make, cook, plant, write, discover and share with other Muslim kids everywhere. Discover was the brainchild of Na'ima B. Robert, award-winning children's author and editor of SISTERS Magazine.


Najiyah is currently the Editorial Director at Daybreak Press. Her role involves working with authors, typesetters, designers and illustrators as they build manuscripts into books and embark upon the adventure of launching them. She is passionate about writing and loves to bring women's works to life.


Najiyah Maxfield is the author of "The Quandary", which won the 2012 IWA short fiction award. 












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Literature is the only way to touch people's hearts in a way that enriches their wordview. History lessons can't do that. Statistics can't do that. Only stories reach us where we live and bring us into the larger world.

Daybreak Press publishes books that focus on issues of social justice, feminism, scholarship and culture. We are an activist press whose goal is to share women's voices with the world.