"A valuable and entertaining addition to any social studies or language arts curriculum." 

Tamara Gray, Educational Consulstant and founder of 

"Maxfield creates an entertaining and educational text that should become a staple in middle and high school reading courses, as she tells the story of the prairie experience with a fresh, inclusive voice that is sure to resonate with teen readers today."


"As a teenager I was desperate for books like this! It has a message without being overly didactic, educational without being boring, it has action without falling into the 'Disney trap.' It has a powerful heroine who is perfectly capable of going on adventures on her own and coming out on top. A perfect read for any teenage girl, or even adult! We need more novels like this!"

AM Ramzy, Oxford University 

"In spite of the fact that this book is described as Islamic Teen Fiction, it's just a good story. Najiyah Diana Helwani accurately depicts life in pre-Civil War Kansas. Her time-travel tale is well written, with vivid characters and a story that describes good people making hard moral choices under difficult circumstances. It is, quite simply, an excellent read."

AJ.M. Hayes, author of the Mad Dog and Englishman series

"This excellent historical novel with careful attention to accurately portraying "Bloody Kansas," as the state struggles to decide whether it is a free or slave state."

Freda Shamma, Cirriculum Specialist 

"A friend gifted me with Sophia's Journal, I absolutely adore this book. Besides being very intriguing , Najiyah Maxfield has such a way of bringing the characters and story to life that I could hardly put this book down from start to finish. Great book!"

Cheryl Ann, Pennsylvania